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Tasks and goals

The goals and tasks of the ChinaCham Hungary Hungarian-Chinese Chamber of Economy

2011-12-10 10:29:25

"To provide services to its members, that enable them to find, create and manage Sino- Hungarian business opportunities effectively".

The overall aim of the ChinaCham Hungary is to cultivate the trading, economic and cultural relationships between Hungary and the People's Republic of China, as well as to promote the business interests of the members of the Chamber.

The three main activities of ChinaCham Hungary that serve as a tool to achieve these goals:

1. The promotion of the bilateral economic relations:

  • In both countries, ChinaCham Hungary provides the public and the decision makers of political, professional and media organizations information on economic growth and questions of bilateral relations.

2. Services offered to enterprises and SME support:

  • ChinaCham Hungary provides extensive assistance to member and non-member enterprises in exploring foreign markets
  • Assisting especially the small and middle sized enterprises with appropriate services and counseling in building up and/or developing their foreign trade activities
  • Referral of members, advisors, law firms, brain-workers, interpreters, as well as technical, commercial, industrial and financial partners
  • Providing information about the possible business and investment opportunities of the two countries;

Conducting market research and drawing market studies; organizing conferences, seminars and trainings with the aim of promoting entrepreneurial initiatives that target the exchange of commodities between Hungary and China or even other third countries.

3. Representation and advocacy:

  • ChinaCham Hungary assists its members in creating their business and social relationship net, and in experience sharing
  • ChinaCham Hungary represents the professional interests of its members in front of professional bodies and other relevant organizations; regularly informs its members of the economic and policy issues important to them.
  • In order to constantly improve the business conditions for entrepreneurs, ChinaCham o Hungary utilizes the observations and experiences of its members during the dialogues with economic policy-makers.